About Us

The Heart of Success Academy enthusiastically supports you in realizing your dream of creating tremendous success and making a difference in the world.

The Academy’s threefold mission helps you to:

  1. Discover powerful success mindsets
  2. Access specially selected tools and resources you need to succeed in business and in life
  3. Create a strong support network

The Academy connects and educates you and other likeminded through the NEW Success Coach Home Study Training Course, the Heart of Success Book Club, tele-events, insightful articles and videos, and more. The weekly “Heart and Soul of Success” e-newsletter goes out to over 10,000 heart-centered professionals and entrepreneurs, and spiritually-minded people around the globe.

The Heart of Success Academy is part of Awakenings Institute, a 501c(3) non-profit organization that was founded in 2004 with the dream of helping to create a world where love triumphs over fear and the unique gifts that each individual brings are honored and nurtured.

“Helping the world become a more prosperous,
unified place, one person at a time.”

The Founding Directors

Phillip and Jane MountrosePhillip and Jane Mountrose have devoted more than 20 years to exploring the fields of personal and spiritual development and building a successful holistic practice.

They started out in the early 1990′s as budding holistic practitioners with gifts and skills that could really help people. They admit it took a while to find out how to create success, but they finally found out what works and what doesn’t. It was a winding road, and they founded the Heart of Success Academy to help other heart-centered professionals to avoid some of the twists and turns.  With the right tools and knowledge, you can avoid much of the trial and error they went through.

Phillip and Jane’s mission now is to help other heart-centered professionals who also want to succeed and make a difference. Their passion in life revolves around helping people to overcome personal challenges, discover their purpose, and create tremendous success.

Over the years, the Mountroses have reached thousands of people, built a thriving and prosperous training institute, and more. Their success also gave them control of their time — and allowed them to create fabulously joyful and fulfilling lives. They have also written a dozen books and manuals that are sold worldwide. Through trial and error, they have learned the keys to success, along with specific things to avoid.

The Mountroses practice as Ministers of Holistic Healing with the Academy’s parent organization, Awakenings Institute. Awakenings has the mission of helping to create a world where love is the guiding force and the gifts that each individual brings are honored and nurtured.  The Heart of Success Academy supports this mission by helping like minded professionals to share their gifts and make the world a better place.

“You couldn’t find two better people to lead the Heart of Success Academy than Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose. They embody the spirit of loving contribution, are very committed to helping people flourish and are both lifelong learners – an essential quality in teachers. I’ve personally learned so much from them. And they’re very successful!”

–Samantha Hartley, Branding Consultant

The Mountroses live on the sunny Central California coast with the Academy’s official mascots, Sunny and Sally, who are pictured below.

Some of the Mountroses’ popular courses and programs include:

You can also get an overview of the Mountroses’ work at http://phillipandjanemountrose.com.

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