Website in a Week Part 3: Building a List and Learning How to Sell Products and Services Online

Once you have your website up and running, you are ready to put some money into your hands.

money in your handsHere are the things you will need to generate income on your site.

1. Build a list of prospects. When you create a list and start to communicate with prospects,  people can find out more about you and what you have to offer. You may have heard that people buy for people they know, like and trust. You can put yourself in this category by communicating with your list and providing value to them so they want more.

For listbuilding, we use Icontact, which has some big advantages. And they even have a free edition for very small businessses that may get you started. This is a must-have service to distribute newsletters, announcements, and autoresponders, which send automatic follow-up messages. Icontact is highly recommended by many top internet marketers for a reason. It has the kinds of features you’ll need as your business grows.

2. Create a shopping cart. Before you do this, you will, of course, need to have something to sell. If you don’t have a product or service yet, you can start with affiliate products using clickbank or other similar services.

When you are ready to get a shopping cart, many people begin with paypal. The features are limited, but the fees are very reasonable, so this is a good place to start. Whatever you do, you will want to have a paypal account.

We started with paypal and it worked fine for us for awhile. The downside is that when you need more features, you have to rebuild your shopping cart. This may not be a big job if you have a simple selection of offerings. But if you want more features or just want to be ready when you do, you can start with the kind of service larger internet businesses use. We use Kickstart Cart. Kickstart is a version of 1shoppingcart, which is like the standard of the industry, with lots of great features. We chose Kickstart because it comes with valuable training tools to help you to get up and running with ease. It also has other positive features you will appreciate as your business blossoms.

3. You also need a service to process credit cards reliably and securely. Paypal does this for you, which is another reason many people start with paypal. If you use Kickstart Cart, you will need your own service. We use Practice Pay Solutions and we are quite happy with them. Keeping track of our transactions is easy.

4. Create a Sales Page. For this, we turned to Sean D’Souza. He offers a reasonably priced ebook called The Brain Audit, which is a great guide for learning how people think so you can market your products and services effectively. His approach is clear, simple, and ethical. We learned a lot from it and if you are just going to get one book on writing sales copy, this is the one we would recommend.

Another way to learn about creating effective sales pages is to use examples from other successful people. You can use a well written sales page as a guide and rewrite it for your product or service. For clarity, we are not suggesting that you copy anyone’s writing. Again, just use it as a guide. You can learn a lot about writing sales letters this way.

5. Create income sources. You may already have products and services to offer on your site. If not, or if you want to add more sources of income, you can find affiliate marketing partners and market their products and services, too.

This series of articles is an example of providing a good service with affiliate marketing. A lot of people ask us for recommendations on how to get started on the internet. With more than a decade of experience, we are happy to help. And as previously mentioned, some (but not all) of the links in this series of articles lead to our marketing partners. If you use any of these links and purchase their products or services, we receive a referral fee. There is no cost to you and it is an approach we highly recommend for creating another revenue stream and diversifying your income.

We appreciate your confidence in us. If you use one of our links and purchase one of these services ,we want to give you a thank you gift, our downloadable Quickstart Marketing Workbook. It was written for Holistic Practitioners and it serves equally well for other heart centered professionals. Just email jane (@) heartandsoulofsuccess (.) org and tell us which service(s) you have purchased. Also, let us know if you have any other questions we could easily address in this article series.

6. Let people know you exist and bring traffic to your website. This takes time. People use different strategies to create traffic, like the following:

A. Find joint venture partners and cross promote. Look for others with complementary businesses who are around your level on the internet and lift eachother to success. You can find these kinds of people on social networks like facebook and linkedin.

B. Create backlinks to your site with article marketing, youtube videos, and through other sources. Here are a couple of ways that you can learn about and create backlinks:

  • Use Paul’s Quality Backlinks. This is a very low-priced subscription service for creating simple backlinks without writing articles or creating videos. It’s an easy place to start and the monthly subscription comes with some helpful tips. We use this ourselves to quickly get dozens of quality backlinks every month.

His Traffic Dashboard is another product we use. It provides a variety of methods for bringing traffic to your site.

  • Take a look at Web2Mayhem. This is a higher end subscription program that has produced great results for us. If you have established products or services and are looking for an effective way to bring traffic to them, this may help. The income we generate from this service is well in excess of the price we pay each month.

The “two Jasons” who created this program have been on the internet for many years and provide an excellent set of highly automated tools that allow you to make rapid progress. We have used it successfully to get targeted keywords onto the first page of google, along with an immediate rise in sales.

As a note, Web2Mayhem also comes with a generous trial offer so you can take a look and see if it might work for you.

key to success7. Continue to learn from selected experts. You will want to get more keys to success in the months and years to come. And this can be confusing. We are all barraged by information. You don’t want to allow this to overwhelm you, but you do need to continue to learn. The first thing to do, as we suggested with your website, is to be strategic. Unsubscribe from the people whose emails just fill your email box and hone in on a handful of people who can help you.

Here are some of the experts we follow:

Marlon Sanders, who we mentioned above: He has a weekly newsletter that is packed with essential tips for succeeding on the internet.

Samantha Hartley: You may remember Samantha from one of her interviews for the Academy. Samantha always provides value, focused on creating your brand.

Sean D’Souza, like Marlon Sanders, provides a lot of great information to his list. As mentioned, we also purchased and recommend his Brain Audit, which is a great guide for writing sales copy.

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