Best Home Business Opportunity on a Budget

If you realize you can’t count on a job and really want to secure your future, and create an extraordinary life, read on…

Success PuzzleAre you tired of settling for an ordinary life?

Can you see yourself doing something extraordinary and making each day magical?

Are you ready to take your future into your own hands now?

If so, it may be easier than you think (and more fun)! Let us help you to piece the puzzle together.

As success coaches and holistic practitioners for the past 2 decades, we’ve found a lot of things that work… and many that don’t. Since we’ve done it, and helped others, we know it can be done — and how to do it!

Most people are unsatisfied with their jobs, know it’s not secure, and would love to have the freedom to work for themselves.

Plus, the handwriting is on the wall: the old job economy is crumbling. You know it can’t be counted on for security, even if you jump through all the hoops and follow all the rules.

To put it simply, if you want to create a magnificent life, you need three things – health, money, and time.

If we can show you a way to get all three in your own home business, would you be interested?

If so, this may be the opportunity for you…

Best Home Business Opportunity on a Budget (formerly Home Business Magic in Minutes) is an easy-to-read ebook that provides ten steps for taking charge of your life. Its proven business model reduces risk and increases success, so you can realize your dreams.

We just put the finishing touches on the book (and in the process changed the name).

Let us help you shortcut your learning curve.

Learn what you absolutely need to succeed and what you must avoid:

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  • How to tap into the future of business
  • The success attitude that accelerates your progress
  • The power of duplication
  • The importance of creating a residual income
  • Developing your greatest attribute
  • The amazing benefits of having your own business
  • The way to get on the “Freeway to Success”
  • and much more…



You can get a copy of our Best Home Business Opportunity on a Budget ebook AND a free Strategy Session to find out how to put it to work NOW.

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After many hours of work, we distilled the essence of this “no-fail” business vehicle so you can immediately understand it and learn how you can put it to work for you. We have broken it down to 10 simple steps or lessons.

(We have written over a dozen books and people often report how practical and easy they are to read).

IN ADDITION to the Best Home-Business Opportunity on a Budget ebook

[font family="Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif" size="24" color="DE0202" textshadow="1" alignment="left" weight="normal" style="normal" lineheight="110"]Your Bonus![/font] Finding the Right Business by David Wood– MP3 Audio — Get Immediate Access

David Wood’s impressive accomplishments include being CEO of his own Network Marketing Company and former lead trainer for T. Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials. In this information-packed interview, he tells you what is needed to have a success mindset, one that leads to riches. He also shares great business vehicle options to create wealth.

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you will like “Best Home Business Opportunity on a Budget” that we are making a risk-free offer. If you don’t feel you benefited from this ebook, you can have a full refund any time in the next 60 days.


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To the heart of your success,

Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose
Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute and the Heart of Success Academy

P.S. We are absolutely certain that this easy-to-read ebook and bonus audio will save you a huge amount of time and
energy getting the essential information you need to succeed. Click here to get started NOW!

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DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to accurately represent the product and it’s potential. Results vary with every individual, and your results may or may not be different from those depicted. No promises, guarantees or warranties, whether stated or implied, have been made that you will produce any specific result, income or sales as a result of purchasing/subscribing. Your efforts are individual and unique, and may vary from those shown. Your success depends on your efforts, background and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee you will earn any money.

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